Best teen birthday parties in Denver


Ariel Elimination

As kids reach their teenage years it becomes more and more difficult to find entertainment that will challenge and inspire them.  X-Arena was created with the X-Generation in mind.  Get your kids out from behind the video screen and encourage them to BECOME the game!


Break Through

High Flying stunt activities like “Air-Bike” and “The Human Wrecking Ball” will get your teen out of their seat and engaged in hilarious physical FUN.  Competition, Team Challenges and Personal challenges like our “Hang Tough” obstacle course suspended 35 feet in the air will also be part of the excitement.  But don’t worry Mom, our staff will be there to insure safe play for all your guests.

Contact us at (720) 370-9700 to get your party in motion.

Human Wrecking Ball3

Human Wrecking Ball