X-Arena caters to energetic groups of kids ages 5-12, teens, or adults in the Denver area that are wanting to encounter fun games of skill, wit, and determination! Each event will be facilitated by our friendly coaching staff to ensure a fun and safe experience for all. Your coach will guide your group through a variety of unique stunts, climbing challenges, competition games, obstacle courses, and team building activities.

Team Events – These activities will split the group into even teams and compete head-
to-head for the fastest time.  Teams will use a combination of strength, speed, balance,
and strategy to accomplish the goal.

Personal Challenges – Here, an individual will use their upper and/or lower body
strength, balance, speed, coordination and determination to attain the goal.

Competition Games – X-Arena was built on the idea of friendly competition.  We have
over 30 different one-on-one and three person competition games that can adjust to different
ages and skill levels in your group.

Stunt Activities – Here, an individual or small group are harnessed in to an apparatus
and generate energy to lift off of the arena floor and fly.


With over 75 different activities to choose from, we will never run out of  ways to engage you with hilarious physical fun. All games and challenges are customized to fit the age or skill level of the group. Whether you are planning a birthday party for young kids, a corporate team building event for your employees, or a high impact workout for top notch athletes, X-Arena will provide you with fantastic memories that will have you laughing for months!

Multiple activities are set up on the arena simultaneously to keep everyone in the group engaged throughout the program.  Facilitators will explain each activity and rules for safe and fair play.  Our staff will coordinate activities based on age, gender, athletic ability, and competitiveness.  Generally speaking, birthday parties for boys have more competition games while birthday parties for girls have more team and personal challenges.