Boy Scout Activities & Events at Denver’s X-Arena

X-Arena offers private Boy Scout activities and events customized, just for your troop. Are you looking for a fun place to have your scouts work on team building? Perhaps some of our indoor team obstacle courses might be in order. Do you want to add more kids to your troop? Consider hosting a  Join Night at X-Arena to enhance your recruiting efforts. Maybe you are just  looking for a way to challenge your kids with some fun athletic games and challenges. No matter what you may be looking to do with your troop, X-Arena gives you  some additional options to benefit the kids.

Boy Scout activities and events at X-Arena are always facilitated by one of our highly trained coaches, insuring a fun and safe time for the kids. Your coach will lead your troop through a series of unique kids team building activities, aerial stunts, obstacle courses, climbing challenges, and some friendly competition games. The kids will no doubt, have an experience they will never forget, as they interact with our games of hilarious physical fun. Moms and dads are more than welcome to join in the fun too at no additional cost.

You can choose 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours of activities. X-Arena also has party rooms with tables and chairs where you can bring in food and drinks to enhance the event. Some troops will use this area to have a troop meeting to discuss important business following the fantastic fun. X-Arena has developed special Boy Scout Merit Badges for your kids to add to their collection. At the end of the activities, your coach will make them available to the kids. For more information on how to set up a special Boy Scout event at X-Arena, give us a call at (720) 370-9700 today!

Boy Scout Activities Denver

Aerial Elimination – pull the tennis ball and your friend drops to the mat below!