Best Denver Bachelor Party Venue in Town

So you’ve been put in charge of finding a Denver area bachelor party venue and you want it to be a huge hit with the other 10-20 guys. You’ve never done this before and you don’t want to mess up the groom’s big night. You my friend are under some serious pressure. You don’t have a lot of time and now you start thinking to yourself “How am I going to find a bachelor party idea that is going to be a hit with this unusual group of misfits?’

Thankfully you are a master Googler. You go straight to the search engines and start typing in brilliant search terms like: Denver Bachelor Party and Bachelor Party ideas Denver, etc. After sorting through all of the options, you finally find the perfect solution…X-Arena in Denver, where you can give the groom a good old fashioned beat down American Gladiator style. Or challenge each other to an obstacle that seems like something straight out of the TV show Wipeout. If that’s not enough, you may want to ride our flying bike or attempt our Ninja Warrior obstacle course which will leave you suspend, hanging from the ceiling 40 feet in the air!

Don’t plan some girly bachelor party. The groom deserves a manly night out with the guys. Lets face it, he’s gonna be whipped really soon anyway. You need to get the testosterone pumping one last time with our competition games, aerial stunts, obstacle courses, and climbing challenges. Remember, if you plan a lame party, your buddies will never let you live it down! Don’t take that chance. Come see why X-arena is the best bachelor party place in Denver. Call us at (720) 370-9700 to schedule your Denver bachelor party today!

Bachelor Party Denver